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Chardonnay of the Basque Ledge

ERLAITZA Chardonnay of the Basque Ledge, White


On the edge of the classified site of the Corniche Basque at 100m of altitude. The parcels are located on the crest of the first fold of the Pyrenees and overlook the ocean as far as the eye can see. A panorama going from the green of the mountains to the infinite blue of the Ocean. A mythical and spectacular landscape protected by the Conservatoire du Littoral.



Erlaitza is born from the blend of the first three vintages 2011, 2012 and 2015. Perfectly healthy grapes, tanned in the South and of a clear and deep green-yellow in the West. Years with intense climates for a complementary blend between maturity and tension.



The Flysch of the Corniche Basque - object of study for the world scientific community - offers several million years of geological history in just a few meters. This geological layer generated by the formation of the Pyrenees offers an exceptional variety of soils. Rare soils with an almost non-existent agricultural horizon (15cm): bare rock.

The first two parcels facing West and South are permanently windy and benefit from the full course of the sun from East to West without any natural obstacle. To the South, the Rhune and the beginning of the Pyrenees chain, to the West and as far as the eye can see, the Ocean.



Chardonnay vines on a slope and densely planted (6000 vines/ha) in May 2009. Manual, minimalist and Darwinian viticulture for the greatest respect of the soil, the plant and man. Guyot-double planted in the axis of the prevailing wind to take advantage of the natural climatic conditions, massive spontaneous grassing up to the flower, no trimming, no tilling and manual harvesting. These respectful and demanding cultural choices in extreme climatic conditions make each year the harvest uncertain and the yields minimalist.



Gentle pressing with gravity flow. Cold settling for 96 hours. Gravity vinification without pumping over and very long maturation on fine lees. Bottling by gravity in the vat. Minimalist interventions in the cellar.



Chardonnay: 100%.



Alcohol content: 13% vol.




Erlaitza is definitely an amazing wine that will reveal itself upon opening by decanting or for more caution by opening it in advance. It is a natural and free wine that has the impertinence of its youth and already a strong character.



Its aromatic density allows it to be appreciated with or without accompaniment. Its different facets make it a wine for all occasions: antipasti, exotic dishes and meats in sauce, strawberry soup or chocolate dessert...

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