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Emmanuel Poirmeur graduated in agricultural engineering from AgroParisTech, then specialised in winemaking and oenology at Montpellier SupAgro, two of the best institutions in the winemaking industry. He also holds the French National Oenology degree.  

Emmanuel became passionate about wine as a child.  Then in 1995, while still an undergraduate, he started making wine at Château de Pressac, (Grand cru classé de Saint-Émilion), and has never stopped. He has travelled the world, gathering valuable knowledge and experience in the field. He has worked at Miguel Torres (Spain), Casa Madero (Mexico), Château Margaux (Margaux), Chandon Estates (Argentina), Foss Electric (Denmark), Crédit Agricole SA and Private Equity, Petra (Italy), Château Siran (Margaux), and Domaine Maillart (Champagne).


Over the years, these diverse and challenging experiences have made him a recognized and multitalented expert in the winegrowing and winemaking industry.


In 2007, aged only 30, Emmanuel decided to return to his Basque Coast roots, armed with the strong belief that this offered all the conditions necessary to make his winemaking dreams come true. He founded Atelier EGIATEGIA, a workshop where he can nurture his wealth of experience, try out new ideas and express his creativity in wine making.

“Winemaking is a long creative process, to fully appreciate it, you also need to understand what it took to get there, the path that led to the final product. 

I’m not dogmatic, I’ll bend the rules. I see winemaking – all the steps, from growing the vine to making the wine - as a creative process in itself, where you can innovate at numerous points.

The wine you taste is the result of a creative process and is the only tangible part.”





Above all, Emmanuel’s aim is to innovate and surprise with his creations. He relentlessly tries to “be where people don’t expect me to be”.

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