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Multithreading in Java

Multithreading is an important concept in Java Programming. Thread is a lightweight sub process and a small unit of a process. Multithreading is a process of executing multiple threads simultaneously. In java programming object of thread class represent a thread. Each thread has its own local variables, program counter and its lifetime. The Communication cost is low using thread.


- Life cycle of Thread

Whenever a Thread is alive it goes through several states.

Different states of a thread are:

• New state – Thread is in new state after instance of Thread class is created but before the invocation of start method. In this state the thread is not alive.

• Runnable state – The thread is alive in this state. After the invocation of start() method the thread comes in runnable state. The thread is yet not selected by the thread scheduler for running. Thread can come back to this state when it is waiting, sleeping, or coming back from blocked state. In this state a thread is waiting for the processor.

• Running state – Thread is in this state means it is currently executing. Whenever a scheduler selects a thread from runnable pool it comes in running state.

• Dead state –Whenever a run() method of a thread completes it goes in dead state. A thread which comes in dead state cannot run again.

• Blocked – Whenever a thread is waiting for resources which are with other thread then it is in blocked state.

- Thread Creation :

According to homework answers websites in Java programming an object of a thread class represents a thread.

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